Crafty+ Vaporizer


Crafty+ Vaporizer

In the Box

  • Crafty+ vaporizer
  • USB cable
  • Base seal rings (3)
  • Normal screens (small) (3)
  • Coarse screens (small) (3)
  • Dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
Crafty+ Vaporizer


More Information
Size: 5.7 × 3.3 × 11.0 cm
Weight: 135 g
Heating: Hybrid (Convection+Conduction)
Heat-up time: 60 seconds
Power source: Battery (3300 mAh)
Temperature: 40°C to 210°C
Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
Warranty: 2 years+
Country of manufacture: Germany


Who is the Crafty+ Vaporizer for?

With its improved technology and hugely impressive performance, the Crafty+ Vaporizer is equally suitable for both beginners and expert vapers. It’s designed to fit in your pocket, is simple to use and produces flavourful, cool vapour every time. The Crafty+ is about half the size as its bigger brother, the Mighty, and makes an excellent choice for those looking for a vape that is smaller and more discreet – without compromising on quality.

What is new?

Storz & Bickel released the original Crafty vaporizer in 2014 and it has been updated several times since, but in late 2019 it received a big upgrade and a new name – the Crafty+.

The most significant improvement is the battery which now lasts longer, charges faster, and reduces the heat-up time to only 60 seconds. You are now also able to have three pre-set temperatures instead of just two like before.

It has also decreased in size thanks to a new circuit board and the outer shell has received a facelift making it look even more discreet. Finally, you will also be able to get one more year of warranty, from 2 to 3 years, if you choose to register your Crafty+ with Storz & Bickel.

In 2021, the next generation of the Crafty+ vaporizer was released. This model features a USB-C socket which reduces charging time by 25 minutes and a ceramic coated filling chamber to make it even more resistant against scratches and damages.

Impressive Battery Life

Crafty+ provides up to a full 60 minutes of continuous vapour production on a full charge, which is surprisingly long considering its small size. A useful vibration mechanism will instantly alert you when the battery is getting low, providing plenty of time to get it charging and continue your session.


Unlike most portable vapes The Crafty+ can vaporize not only herbs but also oils and concentrates. Since you can select any temperature between from 40 to 210 °C you can select the optimal heat level and get dense, flavourful vapour clouds no matter what you choose to vaporize.

Bluetooth App

The app complementing the Crafty+ has been specifically designed to enhance your entire vaping experience. It’s available for both iPhone and Android and allows you to control the temperature, the LED display brightness and also gives you the option of deactivating its vibrating feature should you so wish.

You can also save your favourite temperature settings for future sessions, as the app provides full control without having to touch the device itself. If apps aren’t your thing, you don’t have to worry as use of the app is entirely optional and you can easily control it by simply using the device’s built-in buttons – the choice is entirely yours!

Strong Performance

Both convection and conduction heating are utilized by the Crafty+ as it features a built-in patented heat exchanger that guarantees a premium performance every time. It’s able to deliver a stable temperature level throughout your entire session meaning you will get dense, flavourful and smooth vapour no matter how quickly you breathe in.

Easy to Clean

Many vaporizers require incredibly complex navigation for disassembling and cleaning purposes, but the Crafty+ vaporizer has been specifically designed with simplicity in mind. Not only are all components made of the highest possible material quality, but they’re also very easy to take apart without causing damage. This smart design allows you to easily clean this vape thoroughly to ensure maximum hygiene and longevity without wasting time that could be used for vaping instead!


All Crafty+ vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorised distributor of Storz & Bickel products, are authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty, restricted to normal use.


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